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Great American Production, LLC

Dedicated to quality & integrity

Truly, you are known by the company you keep. By partnering with a company that has a reputation for the highest quality and one who thinks out of the box, you can rest assured that your ministry will be in good hands. Over 25 years of dedicated service to Gospel Music and a great family to call your own.

1,000 Radio Stations Distributing your mp3 and your video single to Charting DJ's and priority Stations around the world.
Nothing is more important than having your Song Releases distributed to radio stations that recognize a company known for it's high quality, reputable lineup and many years of dedicated and consistent service. With our radio distribution, you "Hear Nothing But Quality".

300 Television Networks; Programmers; Video Sites - Great American Gospel Television - American Gospel Onstage Program - Gospel Music Café Television DVD Compilation
Have your Music Video Releases distributed to a media source that most Gospel Artists never reach. That media is television. AMG Capitol and Great American Gospel are now providing one of the most important resources for ministries looking for the greatest exposure.

5000 Source Marketing E-Blasts

Churches, Charting Radio Stations, Concert Promoters, Television Programmers, Music Events Talent Agencies, Media Sources Another key ingredient is a consistent effort to place your face in front of the people and the media that can make your music more successful. Online marketing is the cyber wave of the future.